Disclaimer II

Please be aware that not all who claim to represent our organization(s) are authorized to do so. We have received credible notice(s) that instances of fraud have been attempted and/or committed by individuals who presented fabricated (counterfeit and/or fraud) documentation to government and/or commercial entities to support their claim(s) to be the legally authorized representative of our organizations in order that they might solicit retainers, cost compensations, service and/or consultancy fees, and/or loan applications and pre-payment fees from those governments and commercial firms who would want to engage us.

These individuals have presented fabricated documents claiming to be the duly authorized representative(s) of:






Anyone who needs to authenticate the authorization of any individual claiming to represent any of our organizations is encouraged to direct their inquiry to our Headquarters office in Sankt Augustin, Germany or to our named Legal Office in Paris, France for due diligence and compliance purposes.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation.

OFFICIAL RELEASE Document Approval No.: EH/GC AA-A 14108/DOC-2/NOTICES/PUBWWW-14 Date: July 25, 2007

We are aware of internet posts about DR. HORN, P.R.O. 14646 HEADQUARTERS, P.R.O. 14646 GLOBAL FOUNDATION/FUND e.V., YCT, YCT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION and S.A.V.E. GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION/FUND e.V. which appear on internet Due Diligence message boards, Indymedia.com story files, totse.com, and MSN group files.

We have observed the progression of the spread of errant information about us and our organizations when internet readers copy information taken from the above mentioned locations then repost the same to a website or message board of their choice.

The author of the original subject posts included hyperlinks intended to launch readers forward to the author’s own webpage and photobucket files. There the reader finds extensive stories in which the author attempts to establish a solid relationship and/or link between known counterfeiters and Dr. Günter HORN and P.R.O. 14646. The author created photobucket files to exhibit evidence to support his investigative results and thesis.

If you click onto the link he designated for Dr. Gunter HORN (which was conveniently mispelled), you find icons photocopied from the “http://www.horn-horn.com” website. You will also see that the creator of the photobucket file has placed a photocopy of a known counterfeit CD in Dr. HORN’S file.

Readers are mislead to believe that Dr. HORN is connected to the exhibited CD and as a result, to the Intertrade Bank personnel who created it. Had the author used his claimed CIA resources to investigate what U.S. and German authorities investigated and know about those who created the counterfeit document, he would know his CD exhibit was in no way related to Dr. HORN or P.R.O. 14646. However, being previously advised of the error, author Paul COLLIN who is also known as “The Offshore Informant” chose not to remove his misleading photobucket exhibit.

The personality of this Paul COLLIN is well described in his Criminal Docket which the objective reader may access under:


Therefore, we find it necessary to post a “Record of Dispute” response in order that our statements also be captured on historical internet search engine cache files.

We cannot ignore Paul COLLIN’s current posted accusations in which he emphatically proclaims that DR. HORN and P.R.O. 14646 were “really behind” the financial hijinks of Robert PALM and a man CLAIMING to be the resident agent of P.R.O. 14646 in year 2000. ”

It is time to set the record straight! The Offshore Informant’s claim is false.

Dr. Günter B. HORN had no affiliation with or knowledge of WONG YAT HIN or Robert PALM; neither was DR. HORN affiliated with P.R.O. 14646 in year 2000.

The same applies to any of the Corporations and Foundations represented by DR. HORN and/or the named personnel which are officially registered and domiciled in Germany.

The German Criminal Police and the German Banking Regulatory Authority “BAFIN” performed thorough investigations on Intertrade Bank activities and personnel. Their investigation properly and necessarily extended to DR. HORN because the counterfeiter choose to use DR. HORN’S address on his artistic creation. Once discovered, the existence of the counterfeit CD was reported to the German Criminal Police and BAFIN. A formal investigation was conducted with the result that BAFIN officially cleared DR. HORN’S name in this matter.

P.R.O. 14646 HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND ECONOMICS, denies all allegations made by Paul COLLIN in regards to their participation in the activities that surround WONG YAT HIN and/or Robert PALM. Thus the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economics of P.R.O. 14646 HQ, AAIA / AA-A 14108, Mr. Eric HO A.K., Department of Finance and Economics, issued a circular on June 28, 2006 with the following content:

To whom this may concern:

Here: False accusations and their public presentation on internet web-page of: “independent media center” by “Offshore Informant” on May 28, 2006 under the title: “Golden Triangle Caught in FBI Bank Fraud Evidence” // Legacy Triads

On May 28, 2006 false accusations and falsely co-mingled information involving our organization “P.R.O. 14646 Headquarters” as well as it’s successor and associated organizations/corporations (e.g. “P.R.O. 14646 Global Foundation/Fund e.V.; Horn&Horn Global Networking GmbH et al) appeared on aforestanding internet web-page.

The information is incorrect and threatens to place our Global Chairman, Dr. Günter Berthold HORN as well as to named functioners and personnel in personal jeopardy.

1) The P.R.O. 14646 organizations and structures are NOT oriental entities and are not related or belonging to so-called “Legacy Triads” in any way.

2) WONG YAT HIN, Malaysian Passport No.: 551 101- 05 – 5117 has never been in any structure of P.R.O. 14646, neither in the Century 20 (C 20) nor in the Century 21 (C 21) structures. To achieve his own agenda, WONG YAT HIN misrepresented himself and his organization in his claim of being my assistant. I understand, that he has been already punished by the appropriate authorities for his wrongdoings.

3) The company “AMEN Asia sdn. Bhd” , registration no.: 446 968-A, dated 16.09.1997, Address 30, Tkt 1, Jin Dato Sheikh Ahmad, Seremban, Malaysia was paid up only by Rm 2.00 (Malaysian currency: Riggit 2.00 which converts approximately to $ 0.50 United States Dollars). The company status is dormant now.

4) Therefore, anyone who found or finds the above mentioned person or company involved in any illegal activities may pursue legal action against them.

5) I hereby confirm for P.R.O. 14646 Headquarters as well as for P.R.O. 14646 Global Foundation/Fund e.V. that the above mentioned person and/or company has NO CONNECTION or FUNCTION with our organizations and their related structures whatsoever.

We thank you for your attention and consideration!


Mr. Eric HO A.K.
Deputy Minister of Finance and Economics
P.R.O. 14646 HQ, AAIA / AA-A 14108


Please note:

All cases herein mentioned have been reported to the appropriate governing international organizations and their law enforcement authorities. All rights to litigation are reserved and extend to internet portal providers hosting or providing safe haven to perpetrators of malicious misinformation or disinformation.

OFFICIAL RELEASE Document Approval No.: EH/GC AA-A 14108/DOC-1/NOTICES/PUBWWW-13 Date: September 26, 2006